2014 Bo Lipari Award

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Dear Breadfriends and Crustfund Members,

we are thrilled to share with you the news that finally, after much anticipation, the winner has been selected!


And so it is with pride and pleasure that we announce the winner of the…





The 2014 award comes with a ONE YEAR BREAD SHARE

and a whole passel of respect!

This year, 2014, the winner of the award is….

BO LIPARI himself!

 This file has been worked on by Rick Schwab @212-505-5411

This year we honor Bo Lipari for his enduring work in the service of fair, accountable, and transparent elections in New York State; for his work on increasing voter participation in New York and Pennsylvania; for his work in establishing and maintaining Hector Clean Waters, which has been a critical voice for environmental responsibility in Hector, New York; for his ongoing participation and leadership in the work of town governance in Hector, New York; and finally, for his willingness to dedicate his remaining time and energy for the future of Hector and the Finger Lakes region as a whole.

As Bo’s neighbors, we know that this work is not easy for him. We are extraordinarily grateful for his labors on our behalf!


Bo, we say THANK YOU!


We hope that when you see Bo around town you might take a moment to say Hi, and to share your congratulations!

On Friday, at our Ithaca Made bread distribution, we will have more information about Bo, and about the Bo Lipari Award! Come on down!



UPDATE!  Bo has asked that the BREADSHARE PORTION OF THE AWARD be given to other deserving candidates! And so we have!
The BREADSHARE that is the prize for the FIRST ANNUAL BO LIPARI AWARD  has been given to Deb Reid and Michele Greigo for their work on the Town of Hector Comprehensive Plan! When you see them, offer them a congratulations! We do!



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