Here’s an idea!

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Greetings Dear Breadfriends!

I’m not kidding. For about the cost of two barbies, or maybe one necktie, or perhaps a tenth of a new phone, you can give someone you love a breadshare! You can introduce them to flavors they’ve never thought of (like cranberry-fennel, or whole sourdough spelt), give them a chance to enjoy a tenderly hand-made gift for months to come, share with them your own appreciation for the flavors and labors of our community!

If you would like to give a breadshare as a gift, just go to our website and click on the link labeled “get bread.” Then sign up using their name and email address. Give them any pickup schedule at all and let them change it later. When you get to the payment page, simply pay on-line using an Echeck or Paypal.
Now… the one problem with this method is that they will receive an email welcoming them to the bakery. That’s not a bad thing, but it does deflate the surprise a bit. Want to surprise them? Simply enter YOUR email address when you sign up. You will receive the welcome letter. When you give them the share (you can make them a pretty share certificate!) simply change the account over to their email address. There is one complication: if you ALREADY HAVE A SHARE, you will have to sign them up using a different email than the one associated with your current account. But that’s easy enough in this day of multiple emails, and if you need a new email, you can get one in a jiffy.

So..  with that list of things to do being longer than ever… maybe this is the idea you’ve been looking for!

Your devoted baker,

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